Summer Orchestra Luxembourg

Meeting, exchanging ideas, sharing and making music together – that’s what the Summer Orchestra Luxembourg is all about.

It started with four young musicians who decided to get together to do just that, with the aim of putting on two concerts each year. The first concert took place in summer 2014.

The SOL is above all a meeting place, a chance for young musicians, students, professionals and amateurs to meet together, and also an opportunity for them to meet talented, internationally renowned soloists who can pass on their experience to the orchestra.

It’s a place where people can come and exchange thoughts and ideas, musical and otherwise, while studying some of the major classics (such as Beethoven’s First Symphony, Mozart’s g – minor Symphony and Mahler’s Lieder, etc) – as well as some lesser-known gems, great new finds for musicians and audience alike.

Finally, the orchestra is a great place for sharing. Musicians from Luxembourg’s three conservatoires and from the many music institutions in Luxembourg and the Greater Region come along and simply enjoy being together, taking pleasure in the shared experience of an intensive week’s work before each concert, in private whispers between desk partners at rehearsals, in memorable breaks and friendly barbecues.